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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, William Scott Simmons who was born in Van Nuys, California on October 22, 1957 and passed away In Santa Cruz, California on October 16, 2004 at the age of 47. Although Scott and I were separated ... he has always been very dear to my heart. He is survived by his three beautiful children  ... Cheyenne 16, Michael 15, and Chyna 14 ... His brother's ... Gary and Andrew. He was loved by many, both family and friends. We will remember him forever.

Scotty struggled with a drug addiction to Methamphetamine AKA Crank, Crystal, Meth  ... Ultimately he lost his life to the drug ... As long as I have known Scott, he always snorted and on rare occasions smoked the drug, but as I understand he had been shooting up and as a result he got a bacterial infection (cellulitis) ... (which he probably thought was just an abscess) Afraid to go to the hospital ... he more then likely tried to treat it himself and when he realized that he couldn't and it was getting worse he then went to the hospital, but he had waited to long because it had turned into staph + necrotizing fasciitis= "The flesh eating disease". They pumped him full of antibiotics ... He lived for seven days, but his body just couldn't fight the infection ... went into septic shock ...  he went into cardiac arrest and he died.

Scotty was a wonderful person and loved to be helpful. Here is a link to his story Double Click Here  Please take the time to read his story. If Scott's death can reach out and help just one person then he died not in vain.

               Methamphetamine does not discriminate.
No matter your race, creed, or age .. No matter how you use it. Meth Kills

Included along with Scotty's pictures are other pictures of more precious lives lost to Meth... Please take the time to look at the pictures and read their captions  Behind every picture there is a story of how they got to where they are today and behind every story are friends and family that have been left behind ... they are the ones that have contributed these pictures and they did so in the same spirit as this site was created with "Hoping that anyone that is using meth will see that this is truly a dangerous and potentially fatal drug" and in that realization that the user will see the need to quit and seek out recovery. The greatest fear we have for you if you do not break free from the grips of meth ... is that the next picture contributed to this website just might be yours.

Cody Alexander Wiens
January 11, 1989 - March 7, 2005
Cody lost his iife after he overdosed on meth.

Bradley Donald
July 16, 1965 - April 8, 2003
Read his story Click Here 

Austin Ellis Hesse
April 12, 1986 to August 24, 2006
Austin battled drug addiction for the past 10 years. His 1st drug of choice was marijuana. Marijuana could no longer get him high enough. This lead to experimenting many drugs in his young teenage years. Crystal meth became his drug of choice .. his drug use resulted in criminal activities and trouble with law enforcement.

"He needed money for his drug. He held up a man at gunpoint at a gas station in Phoenix. He took the man's keys and wallet, and stole his vehicle. The car was equipped with a GPS tracking system, so police were on him pretty quick.

They had their weapons drawn and were trying to talk him down. He made eye contact with them, put the gun up, and pulled the trigger." Austin saw no other way out then to take his own life. Click Here

Dean Wilcox
August 20, 1960 - July 26, 2003
Dean began his meth use about 6 years before his death.
He died by intentional overdose, he ingested 20
times the toxic level of meth. Leaving his wife a 4 page suicide letter in which he apologized over and over again for his actions, and for leaving this world and her. Dean died and he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound through the heart. His death certificate states suicide. Click Here

Simon Williams
Feb 13, 1969 - Nov 4, 2001
Simon got a bacteArial infection. He died within 12 hours after hospitalization. 

Ricky Aaron Phillips
August 11, 1979 - November 16, 2001
After a night of smoking meth Ricky was brain dead. He lay in the hospital for 3 days before his family had to disconnect him from his life support. Ricky had a cerebral hemorrhage after a night smoking meth. He was brain dead when he got to hospital, due to the bleeding. His brain was so swollen, that the middle of his brain was pushed over about 1/4 inch to the right.

Daniel Arthur Savin
January 31, 1957 - June 12, 2005
Cause of death - Overdose of meth and heroin
Words from Daniel's, sister Laura:
It was a tough love Dan, but I always loved you. Your life went too fast. You will forever be remembered for your generous heart, infectious laugh and friendly smile. I'll see you on the other side!

Stephen Nicholson
August 31, 1986 - December 2, 2004
Read his story Click Here

If you use meth ... please get help and get off of it. I don't want to be adding your picture here. Life is real - Death is real ... Don't play around with it. Every time you use you are gambling with your life. Educate yourself http://www.kci.org and seek recovery before its to late.

                  Are you ready to get off meth?
Keep reading your miracle can happen if you really want it to

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Personal Message To Visitors Of Scotty's Memorial

We would like to thank every one who has contributed to this site by
 sending me pictures of their loved ones who lost their life to meth,
leaving  a condolence, lighting a candle, writing to me and
sharing your personal struggles, stories, or by just reading the site.

Thank You All
It really means a lot to us

Forever In The Fight Against Meth,
 Sher, Cheyenne, Michael & Chyna




Update Message from Scotty's family:

To this day we are stlll active on this site, still in the fight against meth and again, we'd like to thank all those again who have contributed condolences, lite a candle or personally contacted me via my email address shercatmeow@yahoo.com

We are hoping to find Scotty's brother Gary Michael Simmons .. last I heard he was in So Cali somewhere. I'm not sure how old he is, I believe in his fifties .. I do know he was born on June 18th - GARY IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME. If any one reading this  knows Gary or knows where he is at please let him know we'd love to hear from him.

Scotty's children would  welcome the chance to get to know their uncles as  his brothers is all that they "the kids" have left of their father. They hold the key to history for these children who are now young adults. Scotty would have been so proud of his kids.

We are hopeful that Scotty's brother, Andy will be contacting us soon as we've had contact with his daughters and wife as well as just today I received an email from one of his friends that he had ask to help find his brothers for him. Sadly he will learn that he only has one brother that is still living. I can't imagine the devastation his heart will be dealt.

This site has been a blessing in more ways then one. My prayer is that it will continue to touch lives .. Scotty was a real person... he was lost in his addiction ... that addiction took his life... We hope his story will speak to you "the addicted" whether you use meth/coke/smack/whatever .. Drug addiction has no mercy - Death is final - You are alive and reading this right now ... get help before it is too late. In death there are no second chances. Today is the day ... the time is now ... "Just one more time ... might be YOUR LAST TIME" and that's real talk.


08-09-2015 Update  - Scotty's brother Andy lost his life due to complications resulting from a life time of drug & alcohol abuse Hep C and cirrhosis of the liver.

Andrew Jackson Simmons

9/26/1951 - 6/16/2013

Please keep his brother Gary in your prayers as he is still caught up in his addiction.


For those of you who have asked:

If you would like to pay your own tribute, condolence simply go to the top of the page and below Scotty's name, DOB & DOD you'll find labeled tabs ... just click on the appropriate tab ... and take it from there :)

Tributes and Condolences
His story touched my life and continues to.   / Marcel Albert
For what it is worth....Scotty's story has touched my life and continiues to.  I came here 2-3 years ago...a hard core Meth Addict....found this through a recovery site.  My story much the same as all Meth Addicts...I lost everything....and...  Continue >>
Scotty-Wotty Do-Da   / Sherry AKA Sher Simmons (Wife)
Scotty, although I lost you along time ago ... I never stopped hoping that one day you would get clean and sober. I wanted you to overcome. I wanted that so badly for you. I only wish it could have happened, but unfortunately it didn't. Now the only ...  Continue >>
What you've missed   / Sherry (Widow)
Scotty, many years have come and gone since you passed. Our kids are grown and you missed so much. They've missed so much. Chey has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Mason Wellington Weathers 9-23-2010 who lost his little life 01-10-2011. There ar...  Continue >>
Hey, Dad!   / Cheyenne Simmons (Daughter)
I have had you on my mind a lot lately. I miss you something terrible. I had a baby I'm sure you know. I wish you could meet your grandson he's really a wonderful baby. I know you'd adore him. I wish you were still around although I have come to acce...  Continue >>
Forever i will miss you!   / Destiny Simmons (Im his daughters sister )
My name is destiny im 13 years old im not scotty's daughter but i have his last name and he told my mother (Sherry) he loved me as his own! i never knew scotty but i feel like ive known him my whole life his name is still mention in my house to this ...  Continue >>
im so sorry  / Melissa Smith (None)    Read >>
Count your blessings  / Anonymous     Read >>
New Beginnings  / Kathleen F.     Read >>
what a wonderful memorial  / Kim Bosak     Read >>
My sister passed away due to drug abuse  / Mary Carter     Read >>
thank you for sharing  / Kate     Read >>
My soul crys out = Listen Up Addict  / Sher AKA Nytepassion (Ex-wife)    Read >>
Addiction takes another life  / Toni House     Read >>
Happy Birthday William!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )    Read >>
I was very touched  / Julie (none)    Read >>
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His legacy
Dear Cheyenne (From Dad)  
This is a letter Scotty wrote to our daughter, Cheyenne. We wanted to share it here ... it shows a small portion of Scotty's struggle in his own words. Our prayer is that it will reach down into the life of other addicts and pull from them the strength they need to be successful in recovery.

Dear Cheyenne,

How ya doin babe. Its me your dad. How ya doin in school? Well, I hope. Well I want to write you cause I love ya and to let you know that I'm now in a 30 day program for drug and booze here in Santa cruz. I was going to move away, but I'm tired of running. I've been in a week and I had to be clean a week before I went in. I've started to call around to find a job next week. I can go out to fill out apps for work. I'm gonna try and get my @#%$ together again. I don't know what is wrong with me I mean why I can't be normal and live a responsible kind of life. It really sucks to be like this. Hey Chey, I'm really sorry about the cellphone thing right after I told you that I would pay for it every thing in my life fell apart again.
I know your mad at me and hope that you will forgive me and not give up on me. Cause I need to have you in my life. I don't know how you feel you have to tell me! Ya know! Last year the couple of letters and the few phone calls we did for each other was the greatest thing for me I can't explain what went on in my heart and my head. And I want that. So write me and let me know. But I'm going to keep bugging you forever any way.

Love your Dad!

PS. Happy Valentines Day
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William's Photo Album
Scotty at my mom's house in Riverside, Ca. This was taken in 91 or 92.
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