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His story touched my life and continues to.  / Marcel Albert
For what it is worth....Scotty's story has touched my life and continiues to.  I came here 2-3 years ago...a hard core Meth Addict....found this through a recovery site.  My story much the same as all Meth Addicts...I lost everything....and thanks to this site....I didnt lose my life.  I have three beautiful children and a new life in California....near Santa Cruz.  I moved here a few months back and have visted Santa Cruz on several occasions....each time I look up to heaven and speak to a man I never knew...yet I knew so well.  God Bless Scotty and his family.....mey his story live on to be a light in a dark world.

Love you all

Scotty-Wotty Do-Da  / Sherry AKA Sher Simmons (Wife)

Scotty, although I lost you along time ago ... I never stopped hoping that one day you would get clean and sober. I wanted you to overcome. I wanted that so badly for you. I only wish it could have happened, but unfortunately it didn't. Now the only hope is that in your final hours you made peace with our God,  he took you home to be with him and now you are FREE from the bondage of Meth.Your departure has left a great hole in my life. I do and will miss you deeply. Although we were not together. I found solace in knowing you were out there somewhere in this big wide world. Now, you are gone and I feel the loss. How painful it is. I can't imagine what you must have thought or felt during the last few days of your life, but I hope you realized why I fought so hard to try to get you to quit using. It was because I loved you and I didn't want you to die ... Unfortunately, my love was not enough to save you from yourself. As well as tears and worry, you brought me many smiles and laughter. You gave me three beautiful children and lots of memories both good and bad. I will always remember you and your helpfulness n kindness towards others and your "Scottygolucky attitude". I will miss you my friend and I look forward to seeing you drug-free and sober in heaven.

With much love and fondness,

What you've missed  / Sherry (Widow)  Read >>
What you've missed  / Sherry (Widow)
Scotty, many years have come and gone since you passed. Our kids are grown and you missed so much. They've missed so much. Chey has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Mason Wellington Weathers 9-23-2010 who lost his little life 01-10-2011. There are no words to explain how much pain she has endured. If only you were there to hold her as she cried. I know it wouldn't have changed the outcome, but she needed you.

Chyna has given birth to to beautiful boys. Adrian 4 years old and Giovanni 2 weeks old. I was there for both births and I know in the quiet of her heart she wishes you were too.

Michael has grown and come so far in life. I though for a while he was going to be lost in darkness, but Gods truth prevailed and he is growing into an vibrant, healthy young man. He is as tall as you were and muscular from working out. You'd be proud of all the kids. They have overcome many heartbreaks and are still standing.

Shannon and Destiny, even though they are not your biological kids you loved them just as though they were. Shannon is an amazing woman with two kids Gwen 10 yrs old and Jj 8 yrs old. you'd be proud of her accomplishments and Destiny is currently finishing up cosmetology school and preparing to take the state test.

Not only did you miss out, but we missed you. Oddly, when my mama passed away Oct 11, 2013 and I got the call the first person I thought to tell was you, but you were not here. Funny how my reflex is to call you even though deep down I know that is no possible. I guess it just shows how important you were to me.

I still dream about you. It is always the same kind of dream. I'm chasing you and your evading me for drugs. When I wake up and shake off the dream my solace is at least I got to see you if only for a little while.

Even after all these years addiction still reaches from the grave and affects our family. I share these thoughts and feelings in the hope that maybe the ugly truth of addiction might touch someone who is currently active or about to relapse, maybe even recovering addicts to give a life line to for see what can happen if you die in your addiction. The addiction may end, but the pain for the family remains. We all have survived, but there are times when the truth reaches up and slaps us in the face with the reality of our loss.

RIP Scotty - We will always love you Close
Hey, Dad!  / Cheyenne Simmons (Daughter)  Read >>
Hey, Dad!  / Cheyenne Simmons (Daughter)
I have had you on my mind a lot lately. I miss you something terrible. I had a baby I'm sure you know. I wish you could meet your grandson he's really a wonderful baby. I know you'd adore him. I wish you were still around although I have come to accept that you aren't. It's just tough sometimes ya know? Really realizing that you aren't somewhere on this Earth is mind blowing and I wish with all my heart it were different. I love you and I wish you were here. Close
Forever i will miss you!  / Destiny Simmons (Im his daughters sister )  Read >>
Forever i will miss you!  / Destiny Simmons (Im his daughters sister )
My name is destiny im 13 years old im not scotty's daughter but i have his last name and he told my mother (Sherry) he loved me as his own! i never knew scotty but i feel like ive known him my whole life his name is still mention in my house to this day. accually my mom was just talking about him. she tells me stories about him everyday and i cry and weep over them everyday he will always be in my heart. i love this man like a father i may have never talked to him as a child but ive seen him as an infant he rest in my heart and when i hear his stories i feel like i have a small piece of him. everytime my sister chyna goes on this sight i watch her burst into tears and watching her cry makes me cry! i dont understand why he had to leave orwhy he was addicted but i do understand the reason my sisters cry and why my brother has a hard shell covering his pain. but i hate what meth has done to my family and i hope and pray every addict get clean i dont want what happend to my family happening to another because i understand your pain and just please for your sake and your families try to stop you addiction with every fiber of your being. meth is a nasty thing and i hate it but i still read about it all the time. there is a book i recomend you to read my mother just bought it for me its called "cristal meth- they call it ice" i havent gotten it yet but i got to read a prievew for it its a very powerful book and i believe it could help save a life. part of it is about the authors brother so its from her own expierience of the addiction to meth. i say get out and get out now read the book and possibly save your life!!!!

9-5-09 Close
Happy Birthday William!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )  Read >>
Happy Birthday William!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

I was very touched  / Julie (none)  Read >>
I was very touched  / Julie (none)

I just wanted to say that I was very touched by your story..I am very sorry for your loss..My dads ex wife the only mom that I ever knew is in rehab right now for her addiction to meth for 5 years..Meth is very hard to stop & only the person thats making that choice to do it can make the choice to stop..I really hope that maybe if nothing else your story can stop some people from trying it..Again I am very sorry for your loss & will let you go now..Julie from Alaska

a strong woman.  / Anonymous   Read >>
a strong woman.  / Anonymous
I'm so sorry for everything that you've been through... when i read your and scotty's story i cried for hours.  i was looking, again, for rehab for my ex... we moved in together when i was 16 and he was 19, we both used recreationally... i snorted heroin mostly and he meth... but his use got worse for 3 years until he threatened to kill me and him... i couldnt do that, i wasnt so addicted that i physically couldn't stop yet, so i did and i have been clean for a year now... i am still way too young to have done all this, so now i am alone and still trying to find him help.  you are so strong to still be ok after everything.  you have my sympathy, my prayers and my best wishes for all your children. Close
Happy Birthday William!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )  Read >>
Happy Birthday William!  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

sorrow / Dustie (none)  Read >>
sorrow / Dustie (none)
he is now at peace Close
another day clean  / Michelle Scherny   Read >>
another day clean  / Michelle Scherny
Thank you for sharing this story... it helps me stay clean.  I know I can never go back if I want to continue to live.  One day at a time with my higher power, the fellowship and friends like you.  Thank you for another day clean.

Chelle Close
R.I.P. Scott  / Abby Davis   Read >>
R.I.P. Scott  / Abby Davis
My heart is with your family at this time, my prayers and love for you and your family. You seem like such a loved man. My heart and prayers are with your family today as other days.

Remembering William  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )  Read >>
Remembering William  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )

Scotty (my guardian angel)  / Ellen Durrett   Read >>
Scotty (my guardian angel)  / Ellen Durrett
 I know that there was a reason I had went to this site...because Scotty wanted me to see this. My bestfriend is fading away to meth and Scotty has open her eyes as she read about him. Once again I see the twinkle in her eyes. There is hope. God bless Scotty's family, may he rest in peace. Close
thats him not me!  / Steve Gualandi   Read >>
thats him not me!  / Steve Gualandi
As an interventionist I get up close and personal with addicts every week. I know from experience that "it's not going to happen to me" happens to someone it was never going to every day. Scott is not alone and my heart goes out to his family my prayers are for them.
Steve Close
My Condolences...  / Jay (none)  Read >>
My Condolences...  / Jay (none)
A strange thing just occurred; I've been using meth and other drugs for about 10 years now ( up to 1/4 oz per week +/- ), and today I  thought, "jeez, I'm ready for a change. I might as well start shooting it...", so I went and got some needles, sat down at my computer and started looking up info on the "correct" way to shoot up (don't want anyone to know)...well, I somehow ended up here only after about 5 clicks.

I think I'll throw the needles away - if for any reason, at least as my tribute to your cause. Thank you.

I'm very sorry to read about your Scotty...

-jay Close
i hope this helps...  / Anonymous (sympathy)  Read >>
i hope this helps...  / Anonymous (sympathy)
My greatest sympathies towards everyone affected by this substance.

Everyone is different. Circumstances lead everyone to be the way they are, and for that, everyone deserves respect(s) in a different manner. I can only begin to understand how hard it is for those and their loved ones, but it is VERY important to understand how resiliant and strong the mind is with or without support. I understand how hard it is to see this, but it IS possible. Somewhere inside there is strength whether you see/believe it or not, you just have to see past the illusion of the walls that confine you so; pain, urges, needs, escape, etc. The further you see past, the easier strength comes, and life becomes brilliant and beautiful. Even though your not in control of the circumstances that surround you every day, you have control of yourself to no limit.

There is no such thing as selfishness, just weakness. Weakness is the level you LOOK at. Look at yourself, see yourself inside and fight every inch of the way to expand your world and fill it with light all along the way, draw out a map if you have to, DON'T GIVE UP!!! Slap yourself, snap out of it, tell yourself inside and out that this substance - any substance, from meth to a simple little desire - is just fog that blocks your view of yourself and the world. Find the wind to blow it all away, take in the view, and GO! (explore yourself and life). Practice self-discipline, seek help, NEVER, EVER FEEL ASHAMED!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!!

"Just trying" is not only the first step towards your success. Every iota of effort you make counts more than you can imagine. 

There is motivation everywhere, you just need to learn how to harness it, as rediculuos that may sound, thats the way truth works sometimes.

My condolences from Canada  / Annie C. (none)  Read >>
My condolences from Canada  / Annie C. (none)
dear Shercatmeow,

I have read your storie in the erowid vault and it touch me a lot. I would like o give you and your children my condolences. My father dies fews years ago, so I know how difficult it can be. I really believe that your site and memorial, as well as your achievement will paid off for many others persons who are hesitating or wondering about those drugs. Thank You Close
a weekender user no more.....  / J. F. (he has steered me right.... )  Read >>
a weekender user no more.....  / J. F. (he has steered me right.... )
Im terribly sorry for your lose... he sounds like he had his ups and downs, like all of us, and he will be with me forever.....  Thank you for posting this and the everything else.....     i may have a future in a year... thank you, sorry..

R.I.P William Scott Simmons

u may have lost your life, but thanks to your loving wife, u have saved 1 and for this i thank you... 

Meth-head no more..... Close
To All That Come Here  / Dave S.   Read >>
To All That Come Here  / Dave S.
My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of William.

Noone choses to become an addict yet with the changing world around us it has become so easy to turn to drugs to ease the pain of the real world.

I recently lost a cousin to his addictions....... a mere boy who although he made some bad choices in his life was basically a good kid.......yet in the final moments of his life......meth made him turn the gun on himself.

It is good that you have turned your life into something positive....a way to reach out to others to help them understand what drugs can do to them and help them realize that there is help out there and people who honestly care.

Together with a adoptive son of mine we run a teen support board and I am sorry to say......there are more and more teens out there who are turning to drugs to escape facing the twisted world headon. I hope that these stories help them to realize what can be in store for them.

For those visiting here who are dealing with their pain and are trying to get straightened out.......remember to love yourself because each and every one of you deserve better than to have drugs control your lives.

Get clean and stay clean.......do it for yourself......do it for the ones who love you.  Just do it. Close
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